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Benefits of calling in a professional.

A full clean of your oven to professional standard is not done in 30 minutes. Oxon Oven Cleaning will usually clean a single oven in 1 hour 30 minutes and if you have a range oven or larger this could be 4 hours at least. If a non-professional was to attempt a full clean it could take even longer and could cause damage due to a lack of knowledge. Calling in a professional will save you the time and trouble and mean you can put that time to better use with family or friends.

Saves you valuable time.

Cleaning an oven as part of the house hold routine is up there with one of the most hated ones we have to do. Its time consuming, dirty and you can never get the oven as clean as you would like. Most of us wish to spend our time with friends and family and not inhaling cleaning fumes.
Wiping out the oven and cleaning up spills once we have used the oven will mean the time between a more thorough clean will be reduced. Calling in a professional to tackle this tedious and gruelling task can be worth it in so many ways. Here are a few reason why having your oven cleaned professionally will benefit you in the long run.

Reduce your energy bill.

Having a clean oven can save you money by allowing your oven to work properly. It will heat up quicker and cook your food evenly, because it’s not trying to burn through fat on the elements, as an example.
Having a clean door will also mean you will be able to see your food cooking without opening the door and letting heat escape then putting more pressure on the oven to heat back up to the desired temperature, saving you cooking time, and using less energy therefore saving you money.

Keeping your family safe.

60% of fires started in the kitchen start because of a dirty or faulty oven so by maintaining your oven with regular TLC. Therefore cutting the opportunity of your oven catching fire due to excessive fats and grease. In addition, by removing the bacteria around the cooker, hood and hob, you are proactively removing the potential cause of illness to your family.

Professional oven cleaners have the right tools.

When we at Oxon Oven Cleaning come to clean your oven we have the rights tools to take apart the doors, take off the back plate and remove the fan. Without doing this we will not be able to clean your oven to our satisfaction let alone yours. This also enable us remove food, fats and grease that you cannot see which potentially as a fire hazard or makes a smell when you use your oven.

Improves food quality.

When you cook  fatty foods, fat splashes around the oven and sits where it lands. Once you reheat the oven the fat melts and again splashes around the oven or slides down the sides of the oven or from the roof to whatever is below. This repeats it’s self  therefore you are spreading your previous fatty exploits onto your next meal, not a nice thought!  Once you have finished cooking close the door, turn the oven up for 5 minutes or so and let the fat fall to the base of the oven where you can wipe it up.

If your oven has an integrated grill, preheat the grill before you put food underneath as any fat deposits on the element will burn off and not fall into your food. This also stops your grill and oven from smoking.

Does your oven need cleaning?

A clean and regular maintained oven has lots of benefits – saves you time, saves you money, keeps your family safe and keeps your food from being spoilt. Professionals have the rights tools, knowledge, experience and will always offer advice on maintenance and cleaning schedules. If this blog has shown you what you gain from a clean oven give Oxon Oven Cleaning a call to get rid of that nasty fat, grease and grime and bring your oven back to a shine.